I still think fondly of all the good times at GrandCentral (Google Voice) and how lucky we were to find you."

- Craig W. (former CEO of Google Voice and GrandCentral)

I can still remember the day I first heard Laurie’s voice and thinking she is “the one”. That relatable, friendly, informative voice matched with her easy, natural and authentic on-camera delivery became the cornerstone for hundreds of successful Common Sense videos that were viewed by millions of people on cable, online and on social media. Laurie is extremely talented and in true chameleon form, has the ability to adapt in tone, style and delivery to the content. Not only that, she brings endless dedication and a partnership mindset to every project. She is committed to making it successful, has a can do attitude, offers up ideas and is always available in a pinch. Bottom line, you couldn’t ask for a more talented, positive, fun, caring person to work with than Laurie Burke. I will always be a fan! 

- Nicole Atkinson Roach, Director, LinkedIn Media Productions 

"Laurie has brought our in-house video productions from nice and passable to exciting and professional. Laurie is extremely easy to work with, quick to taking direction, well-prepared and flexible with last minute changes. I have worked with hundreds of on-air talent and none possess the range of skills necessary in this line of work to match that of Laurie. She has the ability to play 20's to 40's, casual to formal, silly to serious and everything in between. I highly recommend Laurie for not just on-air hosting, but for all acting needs, whether it be narrative, corporate, industrial, broadcast, etc."

- Steve G. (Senior Video Producer, Common Sense Media)

"I first hired Laurie in 2007 for a commercial shoot. Since then I've hired her over 15 times for a wide-ranging variety of roles. She is always punctual, prepared, and beyond willing to give more than expected. She's one of the few talented people who embodies the spirit of professional creativity. You can give her any task and she'll knock it out of the proverbial ballpark. Whether it's playing the role of a 1970's rocker, or channeling the joviality of a 5 year-old girl for voice-work, Laurie is ready to meet the demands of any concept."

- Brendan R. (Director of Creative Services, CompareNetworks)

"Laurie is amazing. She is a joy to work with, an absolute professional and interprets direction with exacting precision. She has enough experience to help you get what you need even when you don't realize it's what you need. Her suggestions are spot-on and she doesn't waste any time in the studio. She gets in, nails it, and gets out. She's flexible and personable. I have hired her repeatedly and look forward to any future opportunity to do so again. I cannot recommend her highly enough." 

Samuel K. Ackerman, UX Program Manager, UX Programs and Operations at Google


"As an actress, Laurie is great to work with. She is always cheery, takes direction with ease and grace and delivers on every project. Highly recommend Laurie for on-camera talent."

-Dave D. (Executive Producer, Director, and Creator, Orange Media)

"Laurie is dedicated, talented, and I can count on her to get the job done. It's hard to find an actor like Laurie who is so dependable! I recommend Laurie for all your talent needs, whether that be acting, hosting, voice-over, theatre or singing. Her talents vary across the board!"

- Ali H. (Tonry Talent Agency)

"Laurie, is a great talent and is always the upmost professional. She brings intelligence, talent and experience to every project... she rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" ~ David M. (Producer, Orange Universe)

"Laurie is a true professional and a pleasure to work with" – Ian P. (Design Consultant, Price Watkins Media)

"Top Gun! Brilliant Artist." - Gary M. (Creator, Direct Impact Music)