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Laurie Burke's

Virtual Voiceover® Bootcamp

July 11, 2024 12PM PST










Do you want to be a consistently working 

doing what you love and generating income from your VOICE?


  • Have you always wondered about becoming a professional Voiceover Artist but DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START?


  • Are you already a Voiceover Artist, Actor, or Podcaster but want to LEVEL UP and breakthrough? 


  • Would you like to use your voice to make money from home and BE YOUR OWN BOSS?


  • Do you feel like you have so much CREATIVITY inside you but you’ve been afraid or unable to LET IT OUT?


    *If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, I'm here to help, so keep reading....


I went from working an unfulfilling 9 to 5 job to becoming 

The Original Voice of Google


a succesful, in-demand

Virtual Voiceover Artist for the last 20 years 

(and living a FUN & CREATIVE life doing it)

and now...

 I want to teach YOU how to do the same!!!

What it's like to work with me:


"Thank you Laurie - you've made me a better script reader and just a better a person from what I learned and applied to my every day life...not just in acting but every day life. You've given me the tool belt for...everything."

"I highly recommend working with Laurie because she is such a fantastic teacher. She approaches everything with such a different is such a fabulous experience  and so worth it." 


"You really can't go wrong with working with Laurie. She has answers to all of your questions. Her experience speaks for itself..she has your back through it all."   


"What can I say about Laurie Burke? She's a blast. Do yourself a favor and work with Laurie because she's someone you won't forget." 




I'm so happy that you found your way here.


As someone whose voice has been heard by millions and whose face has aired in over 100 million homes, I’ve learned and perfected quite a few VOICE ACTING techniques in my 20-year career as a consistently working Voiceover Artist, Actress, Singer and TV Host.


Most importantly, I've always known that beyond wanting to fulfill MY own creative potential, I wanted to teach and inspire others to fulfill THEIR own creative potential and help them live their best creative life. 


That’s why I’m so crazily excited about this chance to share and teach about the skill that has brought me so much joy and happiness in my life... not just as a job but as a lifestyle. 


I want to help you find and develop that beautiful and unique voice that’s just waiting inside you (and we will have LOTS of FUN finding it).
Are you ready? Let’s do this together!


"Actor, Host, Singer, and Voiceover Actor Laurie Burke is a Voiceover Expert.. She has had the definition of a successful Voiceover Career... and knows what it takes to make it in the Voiceover Business."


What is Virtual Voiceover®?

What exactly IS "Virtual Voiceover®" and how did it start?


When I started my career 20+ years ago, I studied, made a demo, and started shopping it to anyone who might hire me (my demo was on a CD to give you an idea of how long ago that was).


I booked my very first Voiceover job for a TV station in LA. They wanted the Voiceover stat and hoped (ok assumed) I had access to a studio. After freakin' out a bit, I called the one person I KNEW who could give me a quick overview... my brother (he's an amazing musician, composer, techie, and just a cool guy). 


So I ran out, bought some equipment that he suggested, figured out how to build a studio, and recorded at home that day (my freakout subsided, everything turned out ok and I worked with them for a year).


Even as my career grew and I got to record in beautiful, professional (and famous) studios, I continued having my own business recording from my own home studio for companies like Google, LinkedIn, and The Emmy Awards. From helping build virtual studios on film sets to setting up studios all over the world, I've been working VIRTUALLY before we HAD to... and loving it! And, that's the birth of...


I'm so grateful now to be able to show others how to use their voice to make money from home and live their best creative life! 

Let's do this! CLICK HERE!



"Laurie was a great investment of time and money. I came with minimal knowledge of what voiceover really was and how it was developed. I left with an understanding of the basics, and idea on how to get started on my journey, tips on how to make the most of my talents… and develop them, an excitement for doing the work and the sense of community."



"Thank you sooooo much. You really helped pinpoint some things not only in my technique but my psyche as well which in turn will help my technique. Having fun with you has definitely upgraded my skill level. You ARE the class which is very fun and awesome! Thanks again."




"Laurie is just great! Hands down, she knows the craft, she’s actually working in this industry now, and she connects with the students on a personal level and really helps them find their voices. She inspires, creates, and helps students find their place in this industry. Excellent."





"Oh, Laurie, thank you so very much!! I cannot express to you how touched and grateful I am to you. It actually brings me to tears... I am so grateful I watched your Backstage series back in May and even more so that you became my coach. I would not have made the decision to start this journey if it hadn't been for you and your encouragement. Thank you for being the light you are - you change people's lives for the better just by being you!"





  • The TOOLS you need to become a SUCCESSFUL Voiceover Artist.
  • The ROADMAP to becoming a Virtual Voiceover Rockstar.
  • 7 VOICEOVER LIES you may be telling yourself (and the TRUTH behind them).
  • Different TYPES/NICHES of Voiceover work and which ones are right for YOU.
  • If a career in VOICEOVER is right for you... OR... if you're already a Voiceover artist - how to BOOK MORE JOBS and make YOU memorable!
  • The CURRENT TRENDS, and what it takes to WORK in today's VIRTUAL market.
  • How to be a better communicator on the mic (especially for PODCASTERS).
  • How to use your other creative skills to excel at Virtual Voiceover (especially for ACTORS and SINGERS).
  • INVALUABLE tips and tricks from a highly respected  INDUSTRY VETERAN of 20 years who is still working in high demand in the industry today.

And so much more!!!






Isn’t it time to leave this unfulfilled chapter behind you and finally create the


life you’ve always wanted?

Virtual Voiceover® Bootcamp

Are You Ready To Use Your Voice and Change Your Life?










What is Virtual Voiceover? It's something I, as the original voice of Google and a professionally working Actress and Voiceover Artist, have spent almost 20 years happily doing.


When I entered the field, most Voiceovers were being recorded only in studios. Coming from an entire family made up of professional musicians (which I liken to growing up in a home that was a cross between "This Is Spinal Tap" and "The Partridge Family"), every house my family lived in was like one big home studio. 


As a self-admitted "late bloomer", I didn't take the leap into becoming a professional Voiceover Artist until a visit to my Doctor's office forced her to make an important life decision...


I was a Sales Person for a big company and  "successful" by society's standards but I felt that by doing what I was doing, I wasn't fulfilling my potential or at least helping the world in any way. I felt lost in a big void and alarmingly overwhelmed with stress. My body began exhibiting some pretty strange symptoms of something but I didn't know what that something was. After asking some lifestyle questions, my doctor knew stress was the culprit. He looked at me, and said point-blank, "I don't want to tell you what to do, but you're too young to be having these symptoms, your job is not worth it".


That visit to the Doctor's office changed my entire life (thanks Dr. Ravitz!). I decided to listen to that little voice inside my head that told me I was not fulfilling my creative potential with my job - or at least helping the world in some way. So, I took my Doctor's advice and quit shortly thereafter. I volunteered with the Red Cross, traveled a bit, and then invested in myself. I studied Voiceover, made a demo, bought my first Mac, made a demo, built a home studio...and the rest, as they say, is herstory. (I became the voice of Google within two years)!


Since I took that leap, I have recorded over a thousand Voiceovers for the biggest companies in the world including The Emmy Awards, LinkedIn, Google, and many of the biggest tech and medical companies around the world. At the same time, I've gotten to act in hundreds of productions in front of the camera including TV shows like Chance with Hugh Laurie, performed on stage and in musical productions, became the TV and Internet Movie Review Host for Common Sense Media for 8 years and, most recently played "Sheriff Laura" in the Rosario Dawson produced series "The North Pole" and worked opposite Adam Devine in the movie "Jexi", playing the title role on-set. All this while also maintaining a solid Voiceover career. 


I'm truly so blown away by all the things I've gotten to do - just from taking that leap! Now, I want to help others pursue their dreams, use their voice, and live their best creative life. 


Maybe you've been told you have a great voice or you've always been interested in doing Voiceover but didn't know where to start. Or, maybe you are one of those feeling that internal nudge to change your life and pursue your dream of doing something creative for a living. In any case, wouldn't the time to start be now? 


In this Bootcamp, I will share my knowledge, experience, and support so you can learn more about the profession I am gratefully and successfully doing. You will learn the basic tools of what is involved in making money from your home and the mindset it takes to not only work but THRIVE in the industry. You will come out of it with your own, personalized Roadmap to becoming a Virtual Voiceover Artist. 

I'll teach you what it takes to be an in-demand Virtual Voiceover Artist, find YOUR unique voice to shine as only you can, and show you how to make money doing what you love AND have a lot of FUN in the process!!!


If you have ever wondered - even for a second - about becoming a Voiceover Artist - don't wait - sign up today!